Fay Reid –  A lively and energetic brand for a woman who raises awareness about menopause and shows a positive lifestyle to live with it.


Chris Levine – A new website for the famous light artist Chris Levine which guides the customer through his wide range of work. A simple clean layout and a smooth changing background lets the work unfold in its most beautiful way

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Hive Five – Small, sweet, bespoke and charataristic branding for a brand that sells bee hives for working bees in privat gardens.

The Mysterium Around Artificial Intelligence – My final analysis about AI was written with Matthias Meier. We interviewed 4 specialists in this field wich all had very opposing views. Structuring such a vast amount of information and knowledge was a typographical challenge. Solved and written in a playful, digestible structure. Narrating the body of text, interrupted by statements from the four specialists that challenged the conversation. visuals graphics reflect the dynamic and also technical side of AI

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Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-30 um 14.31.46
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Cannabella – A new branding for 3 brothers in Australia which created their own sustainable hemp product range to help their mother.

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Tanja Corinne Zogg, 2022

® Copyright on all Images
Tanja Corinne Zogg, 2022